Video Stuttering over CAT6 Network

Hi all,

There have been several people with video stuttering issues but I cannot find an answer in those posts to my problem. 

I used to have content streamed from my Mac’s external drive to my WD via a wireless N USB. Content did not stutter. I recently installed CAT6 throughout the house, running to a patch panel, connected to a switch. Now nothing plays correctly, all the files stutter no matter what size or format (Divx, MKV, MPEG etc.) 

In theory, a wired connection should be doing a much better job than streaming wirelessly…this is very frustrating.

The DIVX files it plays smooth for 2 mins until the stuttering becomes brutal is 1.4GB for 40 mins.

 I cannot find a file that can play on this unit smoothly for me.

All my other machines/devices on the network are fine and running full steam. 

Has anyone had trouble ilke this with wired connections? I am running the latest firmware.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I know the WD only has 10/100 ethernet capability

If you read the user manual, you’ll note that your first problem in here is the DIVX codec that you have on your files, which is not supported… Try remuxing the files to use a different codec that works and see if it helps.