Video streaming issue on galaxy note 5

hello there,

when I play videos wirelessly from ipad or iphone, it doesnt freeze but playing them from my brand new galaxy note 5 is quite irritating cuz it freezes in every 10 seconds. Dlna is off, cache size is set to 7 gb, and no obstacle btw phone and mpw. Tried with default android player and mx player but nothing has changed.

please help… Thank you so much…

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

It would be good to specify what type of file you are trying to play on the device, I have no tried this from an android phone so lets see if another user can share some tips or information on this mater.

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Full hd mp4 video files, thank you

High bitrate mp4 files can sometimes be a problem.  If they work on one device well, they may not on another.  Example, they work fine on my iPad but not all do on my Kindle tablet.  I attribute it to the processor in the devices.  The iPad has a faster [rocessor.  Could be same problem with your phone as well.