Video Streaming Issue - Freezing/Pausing

I thought you said you had Apple phone and tablets; my error.

Well I was escalated to 2nd level support…suprise surpise! 

So 2nd level support basically asked me what apps am I using, android IOS verson, what type of files, and how big are the files? I provided these answers:

*Android 4.4.4 on my phone and 4.4.2 on my tablet


*ranges from 500mb-2GB

*MX Player, VLC Player, BS Player, Standard Android player

He replied back that he tested a personal MPW drive that he has and streamed a 1080P MKV file that was 2.96GB with no issues. He tested with an android device running 4.4.4 as well as an older device with no freezing/pausing issues. He requested for me to create an RMA for an exchange. 

I don’t think an exchange will help, unless there have been hardware changes that haven’t been advertised.

It seems like a software issue to me. I suspect that the power saving settings are a little too aggressive, and either pause the wireless connection or spin down the hard disk between small requests for data. That is why I was focused on the caching of the MyCloud App. If the App cached larger pieces of the video file, and called for them well in advance of need, then there wouldn’t be any pauses in the video.

In the case of the sample videos which are only 60MB or so, the whole video file should be read into the MyCloud App’s cache and then it wouldn’t matter if the drive went to sleep, or reduced power usage.

So, are you going to RMA it and see if a “new” one works better? If so, note the serial numbers of the old and new, so you can work out if it is a refurished drive or really a new one.

Also, he streamed a 1080P MKV file that was 2.96GB in size, but what was the bit rate of the file? Did he have the MPW running on battery or charger? Which software App did he actually use?

I just check one of my MKV Blu-ray rips. It is 5.46GB in size, runs for 1 hour 16 minutes, is 1080p, and only has a bit rate of 10.2 Mbps. A lot of my other MKV files have a lot lower bitrates.

Roderick…yes might as well do an RMA to do the exchange. I’ll make not of the SN to determine if its a refurb or actual new one. I opted for the standard RMA instead of the advanced RMA. The standard option is you send the drive in before they send you a new one. The advanced option is they’ll send you a new drive first, then you send the old one back however that required a credit card and for them to authorize a HOLD for the amount of the drive. Once the old one is returned the HOLD is removed. I opted for the standard RMA then the customer service rep called me a bit after and told me that management authorized an advanced RMA without the HOLD as a one time courtesy.

So we’ll see what happens…

How can I determine if its a refurb or new via the SN? I just received my replacement.

Current SN: [[Deleted - Trancer]]

Replacement SN: [[Deleted - Trancer]]

Well, the numbers are deleted, quite rightly, but you can still use the approach I would.

First, packaging was complete with no opened, unsealed, or suspicious creases etc. Basically, a brand new unit is going to have pretty pristine packaging.

Then on the serial number, I would look for a significant jump in sequence number. As it is alpha numeric that is a bit hard, but could be possible. The number i sprobably structured with common bits at the start, an incrementing component, and check digits near the end. But that is a bit of a guess.

If in doubt, drop in to a store selling them and see if you can check out a serial number or two.

But the important thing is, did it fix the problem?

Well it arrived in a plain brown box. The drive however was in a sealed plastic bag that you need to rip/cut open. As for the SN, the first couple of characters are the exact same but then after that the original drive has a letter while the new drive has a number. 

Don’t know if that helps at all. I’ll load the drive with video files when I get home (probably update the firmware manually as well) and see if this still has the freezing/pausing issue… Crossing fingers. 

to finish it , you can google search for a third party video conversion tool to solve it .

I was having the same problem when watching videos from the my cloud on any of my three macs, ( two macbook pro’s and an imac 27 ) tried all kinds of players, no go.
Then I bought an amazon firestick and loaded Kodi Jarvis on it, my non smart TV now plays everything on mycloud without a hiccup.
2 + 2 told me to instal Kodi on one of my macbooks, perfect ! Kodi is now on all my macs & my firestick, and I watch any video on the cloud, listen to any music on there as well. It’s free and it works flawlessly !
Google Kodi downloads, download Jarvis for your platform, instal, configure (there are lots of tutorials on the web) and watch…

Norm, Yes, Kodi is just right for the Firesticks (be sure to use the 5G band on FIrestick and other devices) I prefer VLC installed on the computer for easily playing directly from the computer drives on computer…

One thing though, this post was about the WD wireless drive, not the My Clouds. Two completely different devices and situations. Set up correctly, I have no issues streaming using Kodi on Firestick to TV or iPad from either the My Cloud NAS or even the My Passport Wireless.

So lately I’m experiencing alot of freezing and eventually just stops. I’ll stream to my mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) and no matter what different video player I use the movie will play but then there’s freezing often throughout the movie and sometimes the player will just end where I have to go back into the MyCloud app and reopen the movie. It was working fine prior but I recently just started noticing this. MyPassport wireless drive does have the latest firmware (1.06.06).

Any idea what could be the issue?

Reboot the modem and the router.

So the quick test and extended test has passed.

What now?