Video streaming freezing contantly

New to MyCloud, so forgive the newbie questions.

I found some topics on this problem from a few years back… but have had no joy fixing it.
I played around with some of the settings but I am not that clued up with networking things…
so need some help, or and idiots guide…

I am using my Mycloud as a media storage/streaming device for home viewing… pretty much it… don’t access it from cellphone or anything like that…

my home system is
MyCloud connected to router, then router connects to Powerline Adaptor. Powerline adaptor in other room connects to Xtreamer media player, then to TV… that is it, no wifi bits at all…

Seems to play ok for a day or so, then suddenly get the freezing/stuttering happening… Getting annoyed.
Are there any settings I can change?

Any good advise out there?

What connection type are you using? (SMB, NFS, FTP etc)?

Do the drop outs correspond to anything being turned on or off? Just wondering if something is putting noise into your electricity supply and drowning out your power line signal.

Nothing springs to mind wrt power being turned on or off while streaming.

not sure what connetion type… new to home networking… how can I tell?

Your main culprit is the Powerline adapter. these things are really not suited for streaming 1080p HD. it is a bandwidth issue. A 300Mbps adaptet is really useless for any HD at all, and a 600 Mbps adapter is an improvement, but not a whole lot. An ethernet wired connection is best, and other than that, a 5G wireless signal should be selected.

So last night I tried transplanting my MyCloud to be closer to the media player. Cutting out the P-Line adapters.
I then use the USB from the MyCloud to the USB on my media player… but it cannot ‘see’ the MyC…
Hopefully this is just a setting I need to change, for the media player to be able to see the MyC as ext storage… played around with some of the settings with no luck.
Any ideas on settings? User share setting maybe, as I do not have any users listed for sharing? not sure if this might make a difference.


You have a confusing array of devices you are trying to set up to work together and you need the USER MANUALS for all of them to refer to.

For the My Cloud Mirror, you can download the user manual for your model from the Support area at

The XStreamer media player is one brand of hundreds of media players, and I never heard of it. You need to locate a complete User Manual for your model.

One thing I am pretty certain of is that the MC Mirror and any media player must be connected to the home network; meaning to the home router. Preferably wiall wired together via ethernet cable, although the media player also could be connected wirelessly to the router network, instead of wired. Another thing I am pretty sure you should not do is connect the USB from Mirror to anything but another drive; it is not a network connection.

You get the manuals and you will get this figured out as to how to connect and operate them together, Other than this info, I have nothing more to add or comment on about this topic. Good luck.