Video starts playing slowly on latest firmware

I’m having a problem on this firmware…i’m able to play an .avi movie from my network share fine…but then like 15 mins into the movie, the video slows down and theres no sound…its like its playing in slow mo…i’ve seen this with 6 movies so far, 4 of which played fine on the firmware i was on before…any ideas?

What firmware do you actually have. You posted exactly the same message in the 1.04.31_B thread. The Live plus firmware is now at 1.05.04_B

Have you tried resetting the unit via the side paperclip button. Press for a couple of seconds and then release with the unit fully booted up.

dang i didnt even notice a new firmware came out…i’ll try that out tonight when i get home from work, thanks

problems seems to be fixed with latest firware

Hi, yesterday my wd tv tith the latest firmware started to do exactly that with the files shared on my windows vista home premium pc, before that I did not have any trouble at all, now all files are played in slow motion or not played at all, nothing else except the actualization has changed on my array. I really apreciate if anyone can help me out.

“actualization” ??

Did you try a pin-hole reset?