Video slows down after a period of time

OK, I know there have been other posts about this but I really did not see a specific answer for this. 

I am running WD Live hard wired using network shares to an XP  server that has 6 Drives. Whan I play  a Hubblecast video which is encoded in MP4 1080p it start fine then slows down to a crawl and there is no sound. 

Obviously WD Live buffers some video because I pause the slow video for a minute and then hit play and it resumes at normal speed for another 30 sec and then slows down again.

Is there a remendy for this? I read that NFS might help, What is NFS? How do you install it/use it?


NFS is “Network File System.”    It’s the *nix equivalent to Windows Shares (SMB)   NFS has lower overhead than SMB, and often results in better streaming performance of high Bit-rate files.

The common remedy is to re-encode the file to a lower bitrate, as outlined in the FAQ in section 4F.

Rik37 wrote:

What is NFS? How do you install it/use it? 

The official WD firmwares don’t support NFS.

B-Rad’s homebrew firmware (based off the official 1.02.21 firmware) has NFS support added in (amongst other things).

You can check it out at the following link but, if you have any issues after installing it, you’ll need to seek support from B-Rad’s forums.

You should be able to reflash back to an official firmware later if you decide you don’t like it.  

I would read up on its NFS support and how to configure it before committing to installing it.