Video skipping on WALL E ISO

I have a video skipping issue with WALL E. I am trying to back up our kids DVD collection to avoid any further coasters. It skips forward about 10 seconds at approx 4 minutes into the movie. I have also noted several other points in the movie where it does this also. It is when WALL E get to the top of the stairs on the monorail. I have used combinations of DVD FAB, ANY DVD, DVD Shrink, IMGBURN to ISO format all with the same result. Even playing the VOB’s directly has the same result. The only way I got it to work was to convert it to MPG with VOB2MPG, but this involves another step which my aging computer finds it tough! I have also use MakeMKV but this also skips and has numerous audio skips throughout the movie. Has anyone had the same issue or success with this backup ? I have noted on other forums people have had the same issue. Not sure if this is a WD problem or a ripping problem. Just thought I would start here.

BTW forgot to mention. The ripped VOB’s (which ever way I create them) play correctly on my computer.