Video Shortcut?

I am just starting with the media hub and currently have two folders for my videos, one general movie folder and one Kids movie folder.

 I have several movies that I would like to appear in both folders.  Is this possible without having the movie on the drive twice?

I am training my kids to use the hub themselves and attempting to restrict them to the Kids folder.


If your files are stored on a Linux-based file server, then possibly.  

Otherwise, No.

Windows also supports symbolic links. Google “Windows symbolic links” for way to create them. I don’t know if they work with WD TV though.

Wow.  I didn’t know that!   Good to know!

Thanks for the help.  Guess I’ll have to change my folder scheme.

Just stating an obvious thing, but if all the kids-appropriate movies were all in the kids folder, then the adults know where to find them should they want to watch one. And the adults can also know how to quickly switch from ‘Folder’ view to ‘All’ view to put 'em all in one list.