video_run.xml changes not taking

I am trying to get rid of the audio settings display on my newly acquired WD Live TV Hub. As I found on this forum, I installed the legacy theme and modfiied video_run.xml. However, doing this is not resulting in the audio info disappearing. I have tried changing back to the Moshi theme and then back to the Legacy theme but that is not helping.

To be sure that I was working with the right files, I modified the background image that is displayed behind the audio info and that worked correctly.

Any clue why my modified theme’s images would take but not the modified video_run.xml?

I am running mp4 files if that makes any difference.

I am getting very close to returning this unit to the store since I cannot use it with these messages. My plan is to use this unit on my company’s stand at trade shows, running a playlist, and showing these messages every 2-3 minutes on each video is not acceptable.

Thanks in advance!

Also, I tried changing text attributes instead of just deleting the block with the audio info text but these changes did not take either.

Are you using the latest firmware ?

Yes. Just updated to 3.07.14.

rename video_run.xml to video_run_buf.xml and try again

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My savior! I’ve been banging my hear against the wall for the past 4 hours trying to figure this out, thinking I was doing something wrong. Thanks!

No problem, all the credit goes to doubleO8