Video quality worse than wd elements play

Hi everyone,

I used WD Elements Play 1TB for a week but then decided to go for a seperate installation of WD TV Live HD and WD Elements 2TB External HDD.

I am mainly using the media player to store ISO files of DVDs (uncompressed) to play on my Samsung 40" TV.

Now with both the devices (elements play and wd tv live hd) I have used the 720p 50hz option (as my TV’s native resolution is 720p 50hz) and have noticed that the video quality of elements play exceeds the WD TV Live HD when playing these uncompressed DVD ISOs.The WD TV Live HD has a sort of pixelation that the Elements Play didn’t. 

Is this even possible? I have checked that both devices are on the 720p 50hz mode (by using info. tool on TV). Please enlighten me.

Thank you for your time

Apparently the Sigma and the Amlogic have different upscaling algorhythms.

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Thanks for the reply!

Ah I see. Any workaround? (My thoughts are setting it to 1080p which the TV will then downscale)

I’ve noticed this too, only I’ve noticed that DVD ISOs look really bad on the WD Live Plus compared to playing the same DVD’s burned on my Philips DVD player. Everything else looks great, and sometimes I feel compressed movie files look better.

WD live Plus needs a better algorithm for upscaling DVD content. Go here and vote for this issue to be looked into: