Video Quality over WiFi?

I just bought a Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Disc Player due to its WiFi support for streaming content from my pc and/or laptop (the blu ray part was just a bonus). I was very disappointed with the quality of the image when using WiFi and their tech support said that is just how it is over wireless, that I would get a better picture wired.

How is the quality on WD TV Live Media Player Plus if using WiFi? I don’t know if this player will be any better, or if technology just hasn’t caught up for video quality while streaming from other devices? 


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The picture quality of the Live over wireless is fine – you shouldn’t see any difference between wired and wireless.  The only issue with wireless and the Live is that high bandrate files (greater than 15mbps, for example) can be a problem (symptoms will include stuttering and/or freezing of the image).

WIth re-encoded sources this usually isn’t a problem (98% of all my blu-ray Handbrake encodes are just fine) but with straight blu-ray rips on some films it will be impossible to stream these wirelessly with the base firmware (there is third party firmware which supposedly overcomes even these limitations but you need to use at your own risk).