Video problems

The WDTV Live is a great idea and for music it does exactly what I wanted.

I am however having problems getting DVD quality files to play.

Convert .VOB files to xvid using AutoGK - Files play fine.

Convert .VOB to MKV container using handbrake - regardless of source files (DVD ripped or DVD recorded), there is an audio/video synch problem almost immediately. These are bought back into line by FF/FR and then play again, but the synch issue starts again and getting progressively bigger with time.

Convert .VOB to .ISO via DVD Shrink. This looked fine and files do play perfectly except when joining files. In this instance only the first file plays. I believe I have read on another thread that ISO files are not fully supported and only the largest segment is played.

WDTV is attached remotely, digital sound output via an optical cable to DAC and HDMI to TV.

Synch issue is present via HDMI and optical output.

Does anyone know if .ISO will be fully supported?

Am I doing something wrong with the MKV files, it seems some people can play them fine where as others have problems.

All files play fine on PC via VLC media player.

Any comments appreciated, the idea is perfect, in practice it is proving a little troublesome but hopefully with time all the video issues will be ironed out and hopefully the BBC iPlayer will be added :stuck_out_tongue:

What version of Handbrake are you using?

I’ve had zero issues converting both DVDs and blu-rays using Handbrake, but I’m using one of the nightlies.  For absolute sure you need to be running at least SVN 3154.  And I wouldn’t use anything other than the Standard or High Profile presets, and doing a passthrough of the AC3 or DTS track (this assumes you have the proper decoding equipment – if not, just keep the standard audio conversion of those presets).

Thanks for info.

I am using v0.9.4 on XP. Used both normal and high profile presets.

I don’t think there is a newer XP update?

bluebull wrote:

Thanks for info.

I am using v0.9.4 on XP. Used both normal and high profile presets.

I don’t think there is a newer XP update?

You can get newer versions from

You need to download WindowsCLI and WindowsGUI.

Install WindowsGUI, then extract WindowsCLI into the folder where you installed WindowsGUI.  Done!

Yup, what Grant said (there are lots of newer versions than the one you are using).

And make sure you passthrough the audio as I said (once again, assuming you have the proper decoding equipment, but if you are after high quality audio you have this anyway).

Many thanks guys.

Installed new build but there seems a problem at the moment, I will give a couple of days and installed a newer build.

I assume I am right in saying the GUI and CLI versions are not aligned.  GUI svn3334 and CLI svn 3350 as at last nights build.

You may have to post on the Handbrake forum.  I’m not using either of those releases so I’m not sure what’s up.

While they are a *little* snarky on the forum, they are also very helpful (just be prepared for some harshness when you ask a question :>)

None of the DVDs I converted to MKV using MakeMKV had any sync issues so if you don’t need to save space this might be the way to go.

Many thanks to all for comments.

Handbrake still crashing (think it is a reported issue looking at the bug list), will update once I get a stablish version.

In meantime I have converted videos that don’t require decent resolution to xvid via AutoGK - all play perfect.

Converted a couple of films, dvd and tv recorded to mkv via MKVmerge. These play perfect, even occasional stutter previously present in .vob and .xvid and  handbrake .mkv, now not present - downside 8+gig file size. Will look to run through Handbrake eventually.

Even with this messing around, it’s a great product ,  just takes a bit of trial and error + some great help from this forum.

To bring this thread toa  close,

Downloaded handbrake

cli and exe files do not necessarily have to be the same.

All now works fine - many thanks to all for help.