Video plays faster than audio..Bug?

GE all, I have a problem I was hoping that you might be able to assist with…Not sure if this is a bug, limitation, or user error.  I have a WD TV Live Plus with the latest firmware connected by HDMI to my receiver (Pioneer VSX1021k)…the receiver is connected via HDMI to my TV.  

When playing a MP4 or M4V file with the audio output on the WD TV Live Plus set to Digital via HDMI the audio plays in full surround with no problem however the video plays about 2x faster than normal.  If I switch the audio output to Stereo I lose the surround sound but my video plays at normal speed.  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I can get surround from Netflix over the digital/hdmi out setting with normal video playback speeds; however if I keep the audio out on Stereo I also lose the surround on Netflix and just get stereo.

The MP4 and M4V files were encoded with two audio tracks

  1. 5.1 AAC Dolby Prologic II

  2. 5.1 AC3 Passthru

Interestingly I can only get the first audio track when the WD TV Live + is set to output Stereo and when it is set to Digital Output over HDMI I get silence for the first audio track while the second (5.1) will play fine but the video looks like it’s being fast forwarded.

Sorry for the long post…any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.  :cry:

I’ve never heard of 5.1 AAC Dolby Prologic II.

In fact, that’d be contradictory…

AAC is Apple

Dolby Prologic – Well, there’s really no such encoding that I know of.   Prologic is a DECODE process that is applied to TWO-channel Dolby Surround audio.

Hi thanks for your note…i see what you are saying sorry let me clarify…the files were encoded using handbrake…the source audio was 5.1 …the files were encoded with the first audio track being AAC and the second AC3.

My problem is when the WD is set to output audio digital through HDMI

  1. The AC3 track will play fine but the video plays about 2x faster than normal leaving both out of sync
  2. The AAC track does not play; the AAC will only play when audio output is set to stereo (this may be normal idk)

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Ah…   Here’s your answer.

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Yes! That’s exactly it…thanks for your help. I’ll try an MKV though it’s unfortunate that the other file formats won’t work correctly.

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Cool…just did…thx