Video Playmode Anomalities

Only had this WD TV Live for a few days. When playing videos from a file list, they play once and then I am back at the file list. However, if I go into ‘Options’, the playmode field is empty initially, if I then press the OK button three times cycling through repeat (1), the repeat ( ) [All in the directory], then back to a blank playmode field, all videos in the folder play to the last one although the playmode field is blank.

There seems to be a difference in the playback mode between leaving the playmode field empty or cycling through the sequence once so it becomes empty again:

  • Leave playmode empty: Video plays once.
  • Cylce through to empty: Vidoe and subsequent ones play once until the end fo the directory.

So what does an empty playmode field really indicate ?

The firmware is 1.07.15.


Are you sure you are not just pressing the play button on the remote control? Because if you do all of the videos will play in line.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for pointing out that there is a difference between pressing “OK” and pressing the “Play/Pause” button. This is not really clear from the UM (for the Play button it reads: “PAUSE/PLAY Toggles between pause and playback.”).

Anyway, there is a discrepancy of what a blank playmode field means in the options dialog depending on whether to started with the “Play” button or your pressed the “OK” button and cycle through the options once. IMHO, a blank playmode field is not very meaningful. Even more so if it is ambiguous.


I am facing this problem too.

I updated the the firmware to the latest one 1.07.18 but the problem is still there. I found :

It stores the playmode [empty = not repeat, (1) = repeat one, ( ) repeat all] but it does not work accordingly.

It only repeats videos in a folder if I cycle the play mode options and leave it on blank or ( ) while playing a video, if I change the folder I have to do it again. Eventhough if I check settings the repeat all option is still selected.

…its anoying…making me sick…

The firmware needs to be fixed.


Best report it here: