Video Playback pauses... then rapidly makes up the lost time

before I report this as an issue I would like to know if someone else has the same problem. all my videos that used to run smoothly are now pausing randomly for 10 -20 seconds and all of a sudden it is fast forwarding to make up the lost time and continues playing or the hub freezes completely. I am experiencing this issue on an external HDD for now, I am one of those who needs to run a scan disk every time when the external HDD is powered down because the Hub cannot recognize it anymore. This could be related to the issue or not. Anyone else experiencing the same symptoms?

The only time I’ve seen that happen is if I PAUSE a movie, and then my NAS goes to sleep after a while, then I start it up again.

It finishes the buffer before the NAS can spin up completely, the picture hangs, and then catches up with itself and plays normally.

Completely different setup, I realize…   

it is probably not so different after all.

I suspect that the HDD is going to sleep or getting disconnected, I am just running a movie on the internal drive and it works smooth.

My assumption at this point is that 2 TB HDD should not be filled over 1.5TB and/or should not have too many files to index or it will cause a lag for the entire system. I have deleted aprox 400GB now and will check later how it works.

Another suspicion I have is that it got something to do with the network, for some reasons this is an importan factor for the hub.

Just shoot anyone and give me your ideas, thank you