Video Output WD Elements Play Reset

Just like another member wrote last year about yet another product of WD, my Elements Play (latest sw-version), also resetts the videooutput. Not after a regular power off, but after the cable has been taken out - meaning, when I take the device to upload some films from my pc and put it back to the tv-set, the output is back to the original size.

If that  was at least on “auto” it would be okay, but on regular PAL its really bad.

When is a firmware update to be expected…?

No new date on the firmware update. To push the issue start a idea in the ideas section of the forum.

I don’t believe it will ever be a new firmware update. After all, the WD Elements is on the same category as the “legacy” (may i say “dead”) players.

WD knows what needs to be done, but it’s very busy with the Live and Hub…