Video Output

ok, so confused about all this…

Bought a new 60" LED.  Hooked up Live Hub via HDMI.   I ripped all Blu-rays of Lord of the Rings with makeMKV and transffered to Hub.

I go to Video Output and select HDMI and there is a long list of rates etc.  I select 1080p 60hz (correct?)  When I click on that it goes back to list which now shows AUTO then RGB High, RGB Low and YCbCr.  ack!

What am I supposed to adjust next?  All four give me a choice of 12 bit or 8 bit but I dont understand what that means and what I’m supposed to pick.   The main issue is when I watch the bluray .mkv’s off the hub they aren’t the same quality as when watching the blu-rays straight from a blu-ray player.    I have chosen 8 bit under RGB High and that seems to make it look better but I just don’t understand what all this means. Previously the Live HUb was hooked up to a 37" lcd, and maybe because the screen is smaller but the quality always seemed great and I never had to go to Video Output and change anything.  In fact I wasnt really aware of all the selections available.

Any ideas on the best things to select un the Video Output settings?  Thanks

Just set it to HDMI (auto)

I still think it asks you for colour settings, and if you want to match the frame rate, even if you select Auto.

Maybe someone could explain the settings or what is the best one, I don’t know the best settings.

HDMI (auto) will use optimum settings for your TV.

RGB means computer format

RGB High means more shades of gray - usually for flat TV

RGB Low less, usually for Monitor

YCbCr standard video format (HD  video is encoded this way)

Anyway you can experiment with all settings and see what your TV supports or don´t.

Auto is the best way for me.

If you would like to know more, search the web or wiki.

HDMI / auto / auto / off or on for match framerate.

Agree:  For your new TV, HDMI auto is the best.  Set it there and save the setting.  Then, once you have exited, go back into the setting to see if it actually got saved.  If it didn’t, then you didn’t save it correctly.  You can match frame rate, and selecting 8 or 12 bit color makes no difference, since it is not a setting that is actually set up.