Video loop from USB shuts off eventually

I’ve got two of these devices and both seem to shut down at one point or another. One is working on a Vizio and the other is on a LG. Both tv’s have the screen saver and other energy saving features turned off along with any options that I could find on the WD TV device. Both shut off and random times and at it’s not consistant at all.

One device will shut down after about a day of playing and the other worked from Wed until Saturday and shut down by itself sometime between Saturday night and Sunday.

I originally thought people were just shutting this down, like the cleaning crew however I’ve talked to everyone about it and have since moved the remotes to a locked cabinet. TV’s seem to stay on.

In order to get them to play again, I have to unplug the power, plug it back in and then start up the video and click on options and then replay again in order to have it replay the video. The video is a  3 minute video about the company that is on a constant loop. I have tried switching USB sticks to see if the TV’s switched behavior’s however the same things happen to the same device where one will shot off at a much shorter time than the other but they will both shut off eventually.

Any idea’s on what it could be?

You should try contacting support so they can try to troubleshoot this issue.

To contact support:

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Great, thanks. I will do that.