Video linksheets?

I have recently been able to understand how linksheets work. Since all the linksheets are renamed to the same extension as the movie itself can a trailer with the same file extension be used in the linksheets place instead of an image. Maybe even embedding a video in a image and changing the file extension. Is their a size limit to allow linksheets to work?

interesting idea

I don’t think anybody has tried it

I sort of doubt a full video would work, but go ahead and try

something I think might work is .gif (animated jpeg)

but also untested

as for size limit, I have not found one on the SMP, but I suspect there is one, older devices had a 500mb size limit

let us know how it goes

I tested this and was unable to get it to work. The backdrop was just the standard screen with nothing on it. I used a 17mb mkv with the exact same name as the movie, and was the same as the linksheet I had been using. Dropped it in the theme directory as usual…

Perhaps someone else will do more testing with different file types and smaller samples but as far as i am concerned this one is a non starter.

Plus, as I was setting it up, it came to mind that if I had a sample of the movie running in  the background, I would not have any info on the movie itself in gallery view, which in a lot of ways defeats the purpose of having the linksheet to start with. Without the movie info, gallery view is pretty useless. I am thinking that even if this did work, it would not be something I would be interested in using.


personally I’m not going to put the time into this

I woudn’t use it, and have plenty of other stuff to work on

you said 17mb mkv

are you sure it wasn’t 17MB

that’s a big difference

and while, I don’t think it will work regardless

I think 17MB would likely be over whatever file size limitations there may be

something that may actually work, if somebody wants to test is a .gif


yeah, I tried a 17MB .mkv file as the sample as that is what I already had on my drive to do some other testing with. The movie was an .mkv as well.

But i agree that this does not really seem worth pursuing. More of a interesting test than anything else. Now animated GIF, that could prove usefull…


was the first thing I tried :slight_smile:

DeVicious wrote:

was the first thing I tried :slight_smile:

I should have expected that… :smileyvery-happy: