Video issues

I am having issues with MKV and AVI files not playing, these are recent TV shows, ie The Walking dead, 3 different versions 2 mkv and 1 avi where the show just stops, is this normal with this box, or could I have a faulty version? I have had other other issues, when I had a power cut the hard drive disappeared for a number of hours, then after another reset it came back. It said I have no titles when I tried to sort by folder, as I store everything in different folders, now that option works. The video issues happen at the same point, so its not random, any idea’s as I can see no other posts with compatibility issues with Codex’s. Thanks in advance

Where are this movies located? In the internal drive of the Hub, USB drive or a NAS?

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I have tried the same files with internal, and with usb, same result, it fails to play, is there an issue with the latest firmware, either im the sole downloader of shows, or the other posts about about not working units have been deleted, or the fact i have a faulty unit?

No, but you ARE one of the very few who admit to pirating copyrighted material…  

You got what you paid for… NOTHING.

I was under the impression that once a TV show was aired on TV is was available? Besides that, I guess you know that its illegal to make any copies of video’s even for your own private use, even if you have purchased the disc, or the license to play it so everything you put on here is a pirate copy.

Please skip over the copyright issues, all I want to know is it the limitations of the box or have I got a faulty one? as i have never had so many issues

Chances are whoever encoded that movie encoded it poorly such that only software that is very tolerant of encoding errors will play it (such as VLC.)

The WDs are not at all tolerant of poor, out-of-spec, or corrupted encodings.

Beyond just “Sloppy encodes,”  many media available for download on the internet have “buffer overflow” exploits that contain malicious code.   When attempting to play them back on software packages that contain the weakness the exploit was written to compromise, the users system becomes vulnerable.

 once a TV show was aired on TV is was available?  

Available?  Yes.   Record it yourself to watch it later?   Yes.   Legal to download or copy or forward along?   Absolutely not.

I guess you know that it is illegal to make any copies of video’s even for your own private use.

That is completely untrue.  

It is NOT illegal to possess digital copies of media YOU OWN.   

This has been upheld in US Courts COUNTLESS times.   It’s called the FAIR USE DOCTRINE.

It’s illegal (In the United States) to PRODUCE FOR SALE software that copies digitally encrypted media such as DVDs and Blurays.

It is NOT illegal to POSSESS, BUY or USE such software to make electronic copies of media where Fair Use Doctrine applies.

If you ever give away the physical media, you also give away your right to possess digital copies of it.  Any copies must be destroyed.  It is illegal to maintain copies of media you no longer legally own  (Such as Rent / Rip / Return ).

And, finally, downloading or copying ANYTHING is LEGAL as long as the owner of the copyright permits it.