Video Issues wd tv live hub

I am wondering if anyone is having issues with the wd tv live hub media center. Mine screen will go black but I can still hear the audio playing, if I turn off the media center and then turn it back on it works fine. It happens at various time with different video files.

Thank you for any suggestions or comments on the matter.


Did you check the A/V cable? Also I’ll suggest to test the unit using a different TV, just to make sure.

I use the hdmi cable with it and have changed the cable with the one i use with my ps3 that has no problems. 

Could be a HDMI handshake issue with your TV or the HDMI port on your TV could be bad?

Can you post your TV model number?

Alternatvely, instead of using HDMI AUTO, you can force the resolution like 1080i/60Hz or anything you wish to run on your TV and see if this makes any difference.

Its a vizio vo370m , I did a little bit of testing and did find out that it is the hdmi switch im using the port is going bad, thankfully my tv has 3 ports on it.