Video is Green

Just connected my device and I am using the R/G/B composite cable.  I have ensured that I have them plugged in the right color on my Home Theatre but all my video comes up green.  I have the Video set to 1080p 60hz.  The weird thing is that when the WD starts up, the background is Blue and the WD logo appears correct.  It then clicks over to a green background but everything looks ok until you go to a video.

When I connected, it ran through 3 firmware updates so I am assuming I am up to date on firmware.

Any suggestions?

There is no RGB composite cable. There is either a composite cable red/white/yellow or a component cable red/green/blue - these colours are not related to RGB.

How are you connecting the cable to the WDTV - which socket?

Are the inputs on your Home theatre actually labelled RGB input or component.

Isn’t component highest resolution 720p ???, the WD starts up in 720p and as you say the output is fine.

When you say the logo looks correct are you getting a logo with WD in white on a small blue background which in turn is on a large black background.

Sorry I meant Component (I get them mixed up).  I am using the Y/Pb/Py socket on the WDTV.  The home theatre unit is labeled.  I have my DVD plugged in above and the output cable below.  All colors line up and are inserted.

Why would it shift from blue to green when it starts up?  This is what confuses me as it appears to start up OK and then something happens?

If I do a factory reset, does that roll back old firmware too?

I am also thinking that the highest resolution allowed by component is 720. With respect to the color, did you leave the color setting on auto or select RGB? I believe selecting RGB would give you strange colors.

It also might not change the color setting until it starts up so it is a possible explanation.

Highest component resolution is 1080i.

Indeed, setting the color space to RGB on a component interface (which actually YUV regardless of the color of the cables) is high possibility…

The max resolution allowed by the WDTV is 1080i

If you reset by pressing the side button for 1 second and releasing with the unit on and fully booted up it will not roll back the firmware.

That was it.  I changed to the YUV and it works perfectly.  Thanks all for your time and help!