Video Input - Green

Well, I tried. Seemed like a good idea. Was impressed with the WD Live. Hooked up to the front composite connectors, hooked my usb hard drive and starting watching movies.  I bought a adapter on the list (Linksys Wireless-N USB Network Adapter WUSB600N V1)  Found the network and I started watching video streamed from my family room PC. After about 5 minutes or so,  the signal drops, which it continues to do regularly. I got on line and started looking for solutions, but I soon had to leave for an appointment. When I returned to attempt to work on the network, the player would not recognize the adapter. After checking things out I realized the adapter had severely heated up and no longer worked. I would say maybe fried by the unit, Just a guess. Wouldn’t  work on any PC’s either. So  I gave that project up temporarily. Today I decided I would hook up the WD Live to the back of my TV using the Component method. Well, got a great picture, only problem the menu is green and when I play a video, the picture is green and blue. I know these are hooked up right like a lot of of other folks. I tried all the settings composite, component, NTSC, Pal, resolutions etc. So that’s two strikes.

This TV does not have HDMI. Not sure if I will keep this around or not.  I have a newer 32" LCD with HDMI waiting to be repaired and I hope the performance isbetter as far as input. As for the networking thing, I guess I’ll sit hold off, and read to see how this issue will/might be fixed I(if I keep it).

Have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support about this?

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