Video from WD 2go SLOW

I recently purchased and installed a 3TB MBL…I loaded about 170 GB of photos, music and home video on it, installed the WD 2go and WD Photos on my iPad2 and iPhone 4s.  As of this past Sunday, I was enjoying largely buffer-free HD (720p and 1080p) video from the MBL to my iPhone and iPad via my home wireless network. 

That was then…starting last night and since, video play on WD 2go has slowed to a crawl on both the iPad and iPhone…WD 2go is constantly buffering - a one-minute video takes five minutes or more to get through!

I’ve done some trouble shooting – my home wireless seems to be running fine (I don’t have lots of users or any other bandwidth hogs on it) and can access and view video from the internet w/ no buffering.  I’m working with WD support who had me reboot the MBL and am currently running a diagnostic (into its 9th hour and about 80% complete).

Assuming the diagnostic turns up nothing, any one have any other ideas??  What gets me is video was cruising just a few days ago and I can’t pinpoint any event or circumstance on the sudden degredation in performance…Thanks…

Actually, pointing out the exact moment when it started to happen is the way to go since whatever that was done at that moment (An update, a reset, etc.) is the prime suspect… Nothing at all rings a bell?

did you ever figure out what was causing the endless buffering?