Video Format for WD2Go on Ipad and Iphone

Ciao, I just dl WD2Go on my “Istuff” and I don’t succes to stream any video of my My Book Live ???

Every thing is okay for the connection, I can stream my Music, I can see my photos but for my video it doesn’t work ???

What video format accept the WD2Go ??

I can only play mp4 files. The avi movies show up with exclamation mark.

Today I can play only short video and this format works: .mov .mp4…

i hope they will add AVI support i had to convert all my movies to .mp4 or .mov after i converted most of them to avi already lol

The app will only stream in whatever native format your Mobile device supports (or in the case of Android) whatever Media App supports.

If you want to stream an AVI, it would have to be transcoded on the fly to the App. That is not possible at this time. You will need to properly transcode it to the format the iPad supports. I use the Xilisoft software to do my format conversions. Other free stuff is out there - like Handbrake.


For iPad only use Buzz Player HD. This app will stream and play most any movie format. Can’t remember what it costs at the app store.

Touch 4th icon (browse network) at menu at bottom of screen.

What needs to occur for most files is simple, WD needs to enable the “Open-in” feature.  I have numerous apps that will handle the files on my device…do it everyday.  The WD 2 go just shows the question mark.  This makes this app incomplete.  For example, my workaround right now is to use the FTP setup and use “Open-in” from Goodreader.  Works like a charm, but I dont like having to clean up after the workaround.  The WD 2 go would simplify this greatly by adding the feature.

Thanks that’s a good app at £1.50 it is very effortless and it found my device no problem and plays avi movies.


Converting movie files to ipad format is a tedious task. Do you plan to add support for other file types on WD 2go? It would be nice if WD 2go can act as an all one media player in which I can basically play any movie format on my ipad. It would be much easier than having to rely on other apps or file conversions.


To do that scenario we would have to have hardware transcoding on the box.

Hi can you let me know if I have missed a step somewhere in set up please. Although this app loads all of my photos I can only view them by taping on the individual file rather than swiping though them whilst in full screen mode. This is vey anoying and time consuming. Is there another way?

Well you can use our photos App to get a richer photo browsing experience. The WD 2go app is more of a productivity app /file viewer, so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the photos app.

I would be willing to pay for the transcoding feature.

…anything is better than converting my entire video library to be compatible with my iPad.

_enar_ wrote:
For iPad only use Buzz Player HD. This app will stream and play most any movie format. Can’t remember what it costs at the app store.

Touch 4th icon (browse network) at menu at bottom of screen.

Thats not gonna help if your outside your network - the whole point of WD 2go :slight_smile:

I had the same issue. Persona Software’s “FlexPlayer” apple app is free and plays and streams AVI files - but to have the same functionality as WD 2go pro, you’ll need to purchase the full version of  “media:connect” for $8.49 (both apps come from the same company and work with each other), which accesses MyBook Live via Twonky.

If Persona software can get it working from the MyBook Live without hardware changes, maybe WD could too? :wink:

There are actually quite a number of AVI file player/downloader apps in iTune Store, like Buzz Player & Media:Connect. Looking at the various ones on offer, the best (fastest & simplest) performing one seems to be a new one called “GoodPlayer”". When you first open the app, click on the Globe icon on the bottom right, then “PnP/DLNA Client”. Then you’ll see “MyBookLive-Twonky” through which you can locate you video to stream or download.