Video Folder Not Showing Up Under DLNA

I’m using a samsung tv and haven’t had any problems for the last year or so, but a couple of days ago I put some photos into the photos folder, all under the public folder thats there by default. Suddenly only the photo’s folder is showing up on my TV. According to the dashboard Media Streaming is enabled but content scan has been showing “DLNA Media Server (scan in progress…)” for about 2 days now but isnt showing any videos or pictures. Its running firmware “v04.04.02-105”. I just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and what they did to fix it. Thanks.

Its possible the media scan is hung up on one of the images you added to the photo library preventing it from completing the scan. You can try removing the photos you recently added to see if the problem clears. If not then access the Twonky media server administration page at http://wdmycloud:9000, then click on the Advanced option. From that page you can click on the Restart Server button at the bottom of that page to restart the Twonky media server and see if the problem clears. You can also rescan for content by clicking on the Rescan Content Folders button.

Hi thanks for your reply I think it was getting hung up on some image files, I delete the directory and it all came back to life. Top tip I found deleting the directory to be a pain. SSh’ing to the drive and doing and rm -rf didnt work. What you have to do is use the WD Software and right click the directory and select delete. After that all is well!

Thanks for your help.

If you map the device into your computer’s file system, you can use the file manager of your OS (e.g. File Explorer or Finder). Much better than using the WD app.

I tried that it didnt work, it would just hang, thats when i tried ssh’ing and then i saw someone else with the same problem and they used the WD software. That worked for me but both other options failed. I guess you can try all three and use what works. It all seems to be ok now so I’m happy again :slight_smile: