Video Folder in Public Share Vanished

I purchased a 4TB My Cloud last week and transfered over to the public videos folder about 600 GB of movies. This weekend I accesed the My Cloud remotely through the My Cloud Shares utility and brought up windows explorer where I uploaded about 10 GB  of new movies to the video directory. I then deleted one movie (.mp4 file). After the deletion, the entire videos folder vanished. I did not delete the folder only one movie that was in the folder.

Can someone tell me how to recover the directory.

Sorry for the typos.


is the folder gone in both file explorer & the WD mycloud app?

sbumstead wrote:

through the My Cloud Shares utility 

…through the what?

Yes the public video’s folder is gone. I am unable to see it using the my cloud app and tonight I was able to log in with the my cloud dashboard. It does not show up.

you won’t see folders in the dashboard, only shares

since it is not showing in file explorer or the mycloud app it appears that it is gone.

you can try a system only restore to see if it helps

you can try pulling the plug, wait a minute and plug it back in, wait for a blue light on the front before continuing. this is not a normally recomended procedure but a hard crash will forse a disk check on reboot.

Thank you for the feedback. This is probably the worse purchase I have made in a long time. WD is a good name in drives, so I figured it has to be better than purchasing a Buffalo, Seagate or Drobo. I guess I and form what I read on this forum, many others are proven wrong. WD you **bleep**!