Video files not in sequence


I just bought WD MyBook Live today, loaded in lots of video files. However, when I use my media player to watch it on the TV, the videos are not in sequence… it’s like 2, 4, 3, 5, 1, 6… etc. I have no problem when I view it on my pc… does anyone know why it is like this??


What media player are you using?  Most likely it’s a sort order option on the media player, but it could be other things…

I have a Asus Oplay HD2, I have no problem when I was watching it thru my windows XP local drive…

Are you using SAMBA or DLNA to connect to the WD?   What about the Windows box?

My MBL is connected to the router with a ethernet cable, and my asusu oplayer is connecting thru the wireless at my home network. The problem is i have no issue when reading the files from my pc drive using the oplayer wirelessly, but with this new MBL, the video files are just not in the right order… that’s really bugging me…

Note: When using my pc to acess the MBL, I can see the video files are in ordered… just when I reading it from the asus player that it has this issue…

Do you think by updating the firmware may correct this issue?


But that’s not what I asked.

I asked if you’re accessing the MBL via DLNA or SAMBA, and the same question for your PC.

I am accessing the MBL via the wireless network, I don’t think I am using DLNA, what does SAMBA means? I just use the asus oplay and search the MBL network drive and connect to it, I did the same thing when accessing my PC.

I hope that’s what you asking?

Thank you!

DLNA is what MEDIA SERVERS use.   Like Twonky on the MBL.

SAMBA is GPL equivalent to the Windows File Sharing service.

If you’re accessing a “Shared Folder” from Windows, then you’re using SAMBA, in which case it’s your O!Play that’s at fault, because the O!Play is responsible for sorting order.

If you’re using Twonky, then there are other variables at play.

Okay, I am using the DLNA, which means Oplay is accessing the MBL… but I don’t understand, why my Oplay can read off correctly from the windows using SAMBA, but not DLNA thru the MBL? What can I do?

I dunno.   I don’t have that issue with any of my DLNA players (and I have 5 different ones;  one LG TV, two LG blu-ray players, two WD boxes…)  they all sort correctly.

I still think the issue is with your O!Play…  Try over at their forums.