Video files appearing twice

I’ve been having this problem for a while now and I just can’t seem to fix it.

I have video files stored on my MyCloud, for each video file, there’s the video (either .mkv or .mp4) and an jpeg, both are named the same so that the artwork appears as the thumbnail for the video.

However, the problem I’m having is that some of the videos appear twice, which is very annoying when there’s a lot of content. There’s not pattern to it, not all videos appear twice, it seems very random.

I tried copying them onto my PC and back to the MyCloud which did fix it but only for a short period of time, after a while they appear twice again.

I’ve tried this via the media player on my Samsung tv, my PS4 and my Roku stick, all show duplicate files so I’m sure the problem is with the MyCloud. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this and how to rectify it?


You’re using a DLNA client of some sort. What ‘view’ are you using to access the database?

I’d suggest you add some more careful control of how the Twonky media server searches for videos; in particular, only let it look for videos in your video storage area. See my Twonky FAQ for details.

I’m not sure what you mean by what ‘view’? I’m looking at the files through my tv, roku and PS4, all of which show duplicates. I’m also looking at them in my Twonky server through my browser which show the duplicates too.

I’m not sure if this helps, but I have two folders that have videos in, one shows duplicates the other does not.

I’ve changed the sharing options to look for just videos, but this doesn’t seem to have helped. 

I’m stumped, then…

For a discuusion of the ‘views’, see the FAQ.

Timberflake wrote:

I’m not sure if this helps, but I have two folders that have videos in, one shows duplicates the other does not. 

Is one or both of the folders within the default “Public” share folder? If so try moving one or both folders out of the default “Public” share. Also try rebuilding the DLNA media server (and the iTunes database) via the Dashboard -> Settings -> Media -> Rebuild. Also try rebooting the WD My Cloud and let it rescan the files.

Every once in a while I get duplicated file names for movies in my Roku Media Player DLNA client. Usually rebuilding the DLNA media server and having the DLNA client back out of accessing the WD My Cloud, then reaccessing the WD My Cloud solves the problem. In one rare case I had to reboot to solve it.

I think it’s time to dump the WD MyCloud and buy something of better quality.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING to sort this issue out, going as far as resetting the unit back to factory defaults and starting from scratch, but I still have files appearing in a folder two or more times!

It’s not all files, and I’ve confirmed that there are the only versions of the file on the cloud i.e. there’s not another copy sitting somewhere else.

I’ve had this problem on two of these now and both of the them have always been tempremental so I think it’s time to cut my losses and buy something that actually works properly!

If you find one of the duplicate videos, try deleting the associated jpeg, and doing a rescan. Just a hunch…

I don’t have many videos, but I do have 65k music tracks and 6000 pictures, and I don’t remember seeing this problem.

Ok, so I’ve tried something I’d not thought of. I keep a usb drive plugged in for scheduled back-ups, so I took a file that was showing up more than once and removed it from the cloud by copying it to my desktop.

I then tried searching for the same file on the MyCloud using file explorer and it found the .mkv and .jpg file a further 2 more times each, but the path seemed to be pointing to the usb drive!

Is it possible that Twonky is picking up some of the files from the usb drive??

I hate the built in media server. Why don’t you try using something else. I use plex and Universal Media Server that are installed on my windows server. It should work just fine on any windows machine just also make sure you have that lastest version of the Java RTE installed as UMS requires it. Try installing either one I recommend UMS, map your media share, and point UMS to it. It will do all the normal DLNA functions and even transcodes on the fly.

Thanks for the suggestion, would that mean I would need to leave my PC on all the time though?

 Thanks for the suggestion, would that mean I would need to leave my PC on all the time though?

Yes. I was about to say the same thing…

Have you read the Twonky FAQ I posted up the page, and implemented the suggestions?

Yes, it could be looking at the USB drive if you have left the default share settings to ‘Public - All Media Types’.

It may be that all the files are in the deleted or changed folder on the mycloud box. You need to reveal hidden folders in your browser and you will then see the wd sync histroy folder. Go in here and delete them all.