Video File not supported ERROR

Ok I can play a standard avi file fine without any problems, then I can switch the wdlive TV Live with latest firmware off and switch it back on and play the same avi and it will tell me that the video file is not supported, at the same time no other machine can access it across the internet, the shares are showing on the internet however it cannot connect. Thumbnail previews are also not working when the unit is in this state,. Sometimes by flicking through several films it will then play one and then the others will then work however its easier to power off and power back up as this method doesnt always work,

Switch the machine off and back on and chances are it will then play the film fine, it only seems to happen after it has been switch off for a while, almost similar to a cold boot issue with a computer.

Also my wife has told me that the other day it only got as far as the WD logo and froze up.

So am I looking at faulty hardware? and the unit needs replacing, or is this a firmware issue ? I can confirm that it only seems to be doing it since the new firmware update.

Thanks in advance for you answers

Did you reset the WD TV? If not, try to do so, if it keep doing the same thing, you might need to replace it.

I noticed this same problem the other day.

The solution (for me) was pretty simple. 

I was browsing too fast.  If wait a few seconds for the WDTV to generate the video preview, then I can play the file.

But if I try to play the file before the preview generates, I will sometimes get the File Not Supported error, even on files I know I can play and have previously played with success.

So try just waiting a few seconds before you play the file.