Video Fast Forwarding on its own

Hi everyone, 

Movie and videos on my WD Live plus are suddenly starting to fast foward on their own, during normal playback and makes the video/movie unwatachable. 

This seems to happen randomly, I experienced this both with .VOB files and .mkv files.

Please let me know if any one has any suggestions or ideas how to fix this. 

I purchased the WD Live plus about 8 months ago from Best Buy in Canada. 

Thanks James

First I would try resetting the WD box. Press the reset button for about 2 seconds. You will have to re-enter your information, but resetting fixes some weird problems.

The only other think I can think of…do you have the latest firmware?

If you mean starting to play a file and the file seems to pause and then shoot forward, I have seen this on usb connected drives , espcially 2.5 usb powerd, but never on a net shared file; making me think that when it has occured to me it maybe a spin up issue on the drive or possibly some fragmenation issue