Video dissapearing

I have my WD tv live player 3 Gen. for last 8-9 years and always everything was ok. However now I have issues with dissapearing video for a second or two than you see screen again and after few seconds video dissapear again for a moment and next is back and over and over the same. I already fully factory reset and nothing, same thing. Ok, so I unplugged box from power for a week than plugged again and… starts to play normally without any interuption. But after few days problem with video return… Any suggestions?

Buy a new media player.

Yeah, that’s a good solution… The only question is where to buy new player? I don’t want to spend around $400 for new one…

you can buy a lot of media players for a Lot Less than $400 ! :astonished:

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (which work fantastic, much better than WDTV) for $55 and an Android Amlogic S905X Box which cost me $60 works great as well … both running Kodi.

Other users on this forum have recommended Amazon Fire TV’s which are less than $100 as well.

I suggested a new media player because the WDTV you’ve got, sounds like it’s on it’s last legs before it eventually stops working altogether.

I’ve owned WDTV’s since the first Gen 1 was released and have never heard of the problem you describe … so i can only assume it’s a hardware fault (that’s most likely gonna get worse and fail completely)