Video cuts out every 10-15 minutes for ten seconds on certain files

im havign a problem with my wd live

its great for playign videos from my network share but on certain files (mostly MKV) the video drops out on the projector every ten to fifteen minutes, the audio carries on playing fine through the optical output though

i usually have to pause and wait for it to get back the video or switch back and forth the source on the projector, its starting to get really annoying

does anyone have any idea what this could be ?


Have you tried resetting and/or power cycling the WD TV?

You might wanna try to find out whether the problem is from the player or your projector. I would suggest that you try to connect the player directly to your TV if you have any and see whether the problem is still the same … OR you might wanna try to connect a DVD player or some other player to the projector. So which ever way that comes back to the same problem, you’ll know which is the culprit.