Video Cover Art: How to create?

I have over 430 videos on my media player. However I am trying to make this experience more user friendly. I would like to switch how we navagate through our video library from the traditional “list” view to the “cover art” view. The issue is: There are no thumbnails for the videos. I would like to insert the cover art somehow, is this possible? Or are we forced to view the whole list by word-form?

Check this article

It can be done, you just need a software that can add the .jpeg to the movie file.


If you have that many videos then you can use EMBER MEDIA MANAGER. This is a great software that will ad posters and fan art to all your videos.

This is the one I use! It will connect to pages like to get the art. Also you can search the art  manually or automatically (batch).  One of the best out there!