Video conversion won't work

I downloaded an HBO film to my computer and transferred to My Passport. It is a TS film. Tried converting it to .avi twice, but on my TV, My Passport says “Unable to play the selected file Please refer to the user manual on how to change the file to a suppoted file.”  Can someone help please?



This is not a passport related issue, are you connecting the drive directly to your TV or you are using a media player. Anyways  the file type is not supported you need to change it to a supported file type.

I appreciate your prompt response.

I have connected the Passport to a WD deice which then connects to the TV. Have used it before for many many films. This is the first one that has given me trouble. BTW, I can watch the film on computer, no problem. Tried converting this one twice, once with FoxTab, once with another program (Any Video Converter). It converts but still won’t pay on the tV, I get the same message after both failed conversions. What am I doing wrong?