Video conversion questions/studdering video over network

Hey everyone,

Was hoping someone could help me with some issues I am having.  I am attempting to be able to play my ripped Blu-Rays over the network on the WD TV Live. I am currently copying the whole blu-ray disc to the hard drive, then rencoding the m2ts file to MKV using handbrake.  Setting for handbrake are using high profile, leaving everything the way it is except for change file type to MKV and video quality to RF 22.  AFter conversion the files play for 5 seconds and they studder and the sound drops out.  Does anyone know why this is occuring?  Is my conversion technique a bad one?  Thanks to anyone that can help.   


Have you try to convert your file into a different format? like AVI.

No I have not tried that.  I am now pretty sure its some kind of network issue.  The files play fine when I use external hard drive and hook directly to the WDTV.  I read in another thread where people were having similar issues and the problem was solved with a DNLA.  So, last night I downloaded and installed Serviio, everything plays fine and I think I have found the solutionl, only to come home tonight and find that now the problem has returned mysteriously even when using serviio.  I am willing to try anything at this point, Ive had this thing for about 7 months and its never worked properly over the network.  What program are you using to encode to AVI and what are your settings?  Thanks for your help. 

First of all, AVI is better suited for SD material. If you don’t want to compress the files simply use MakeMKV to make an MKV.

I do want to compress the files.  I currently have handbrake doing the encoding but I’m not even sure which format I’m using.  I’m taking the raw m2ts file from the stream folder on the Blu-ray and letting handbrake do the encoding with an MKV container and downsizing the files that way.  It was a recommendation I read in another thread.  Can you recommend a good program for encoding to AVI?  I’m totally new this so I appologize for the newbish questions.  Thanks for the help. 

Downsizing as in just ripping the main movie so it’s gonna be smaller than a complete disc with menus and stuff or does Handbrake actually encode instead of mux into the new container? Again, HD material -> no AVI, MKV is the way to go. Try MakeMKV.