Video choppy and freeze streaming from a wireless computer

My WDTV+ is now connected WIRE to a router.  Playing a 720p from a computer that is WIRE is fine.

I play a 720p from a WIRELESS computer and the video start out fine for 30 sec and after that I start seeing frame drop and video gets very choppy and now its just slow moving video with no audio.

I am looking at my Tomato screen and the transfer rate is between  120 mbps to 150 mbps to 270 mbps transfer rate.  I am using N and a 2.4 ghz router.

Is this what I am expecting???

I am going to try a wireless USB donger to my WDTV+ this week when I get it.  Wil I get the same disappointing result?

Hi there!

If I were you, I’d look for a bandwidth bottleneck, seems it seems to work fine on a clean wired connection.

Hope it helps!

Does either of these sound like it could be your problem?

VOB Stutter

MKV Stutter

If it does, then downgrading the firmware to 1.03.49 usually fixes the problem.

I think this is an overheating issue.  I had the same scenario take place with my player. 

I had done multiple things to resolve the issue such as changing out the wireless card, diferent routers, rebooting all involved devices, using a a wired connection, etc.  Only method that worked for me was to direct a fan at it.  Bugger gets really hot.