Vibration isolation of disk wd10ezex

Hello, sorry for my language , translated through an interpreter .
Made from an old cd / dvd drive , the hard drive , vibro-absorbing .
The hard disk is on silicone cushions, with a cd / dvd drive .
buzz (buzz) now is not transmitted to the computer chassis ! Pillows Silicone all put out .
Noticed , not all parties exactly horizontally .

question 1 = you can drive are unevenly ? approximately 1-3 millimeter ? compared with the other party .

question 2= it will not be bad ? from the soft mount ?

question 3= what is the best places fan ? ventilation top or bottom ?

Answer me please in a normal language , what would I be able to transfer through a translator !
Thank you !


9a49a5e92c15.jpg a59b91a479e9.jpg 753eae68d157.jpg 4262138ef15e.jpg 9a49a5e92c15.jpg

Hi I can not see any problem from the soft mount but the drive should be even, you could use a normal spacer like a metal washer to bring the back up, or you can get a plumbing pack of rubber washers they are all sizes and very cheap. The best place for the hard drive fan is in the front that way it blows cool air over the top and bottom of the drive.