Via Samba or Twonky?

  • WD TV Live Streaming

  • WD MyBook Live

  • D-Link DIR-655 Wireless N Router

Both Samba and Twonky work great for playing 720p mkv over Wi-Fi. I currently stay with Samba because

- Twonky is not able to load external SRT subtitle, I need to use tools like MKVmerge to repack it into mkv

- Twonky is not able to use image for a folder/video

  • Those UPnP apps are not working…

Other than these, are there any other advantages by using UPnP? Especially in a wireless network, which one is more recommanded?

I guess Twonky exists for all those devices that don’t understand SMB, AFP and NFS protocols and can only deal with the DNLA protocol.  For me, personally, Twonky is the final choice.

Actually, other than convenience and a fancy interface, there’s no real reason to use a DLNA media server over clean SMB access.