Very weird, just got WDTV and All files very yellow, but fine on PS3?

I have had the original first gen WDTV HD since it came out and its been excellent. However I wanted streaming via ethernet capability so thought I would get this. No issues apart fromthe video playback is very yellow, there is yellow on faces walls etc. I thought it might bethe encoding on the files but they play fine in the PS3.

Anyone any ideas? I am playing this the same way as my original WDTV, through an Onkyo amp via HDMI with Optical used for audio. No upscaling or anything is done by the amp or TV and the files are 720p.

If I can find a solution I’d be happy with the player but at the moment I am thinking I am goingto have to return it.


Wow.  That’s one I haven’t heard.

It might be useful to do a full device reset to see if there’s any improvement.

Also, try setting the HDMI to Full AUTO, and if not better, try the various colorspace options.