In recent weeks, my WD TV Live Hub system not working well.

  1. WD is very very slow to boot (startup). Every time you start, it’s like if it had been completely disconnected and reconnected. Full Startup. 3 to 4 minutes, the WD logo flashes off and restarts. Before, when I booted the WD, it was a matter of seconds.

  2. When the WD TV Hub is off, I have no access to the network HDD for file transfer.To have acces to HDD I have to start the WD and wait 3-4 minutes…

I try to reset the WD. Same problem. I don’t know what to do ? Letting the device open 24/24 ?

Thanks for help,

If you leave it in “Standby” mode (press the red power button for 1 second) you will have access to the HDD via your Network.

(Standby switches off Video and Audio Signal … but leaves the Network and HDD on)

As for taking a long time to boot up … maybe the internal HDD is on the way out ? (back it up now, if you havent)

Or maybe the internal HDD is heavily fragmented ? (have read people removing and defragging it on their PC)

My WDTVLIVEHUB was 2-3 years old when it started taking “forever” (i.e., more than 10 minutes) to become available after being turned off. It would spend most of that time in “recompile libraries” mode. I attributed this to the ever growing size of my Media Library (1000’s of videos spread over many drives). I dealt with it by just leaving it on 24x7! Worked “fine” that way for several more years.

Finally I had problems with the unit (see my post “Good News: Replaced Internal Drive in WDTVLIVEHUB”), and discovered something unknown to me. The WDTVLIVEHUB has a battery on the circuit board. Who knew? I replaced the battery - a 2 minute job once the case cover is off. (Search YouTube for a video on removing the cover.).

My WDTVLIVEHUB now has like-new performance. It comes back from Standby-OFF (normal quick OFF from the remote) in about a minute, even with my 4000-5000 videos over 1/2 dozen drives. The 10+ minutes in “recompile libraries” mode still occurs with a hard Power Off (which I usually force by just pulling the power plug).

So: The WDTVLIVEHUB does preserve some sort of state information with the battery. If your normal startup time takes the same long time as with a full power off/down, and if your unit is more than 2-3 years old, try replacing the unit’s internal battery.