Very very slow MyCloud

My MyCload 4TB Storage is extremely slow when I added or deleted files or when I rename a directory.

Everything is slow then. I have to wait more than 10 seconds before a directory listing is shown in Windows Explorer. Copying a new file of 3 Mb takes over 15 seconds. Also the WD Cloud Dashboard in Firefox is slow.

DLNA-mediaserver is off. iTunes-server is also switched off.

But the harddisk of the MyCloud device is working very hard… No idea what it is doing. Rebuilding the file-index???

I’m using firmware 4.00.00-607

This performance-drop is unacceptable!

Please help!


Consider downgrading to the V3 F/W.

I recommend this method.

Thanks Etupes. I downgraded the firmware, but it didn’t help :frowning:

When I navigate to a directory, it sometimes still takes more than 28 seconds (!) to display the contents of that directory. The dashboard indicates that MyCloud is not busy scanning the harddisk or something else… BUT the harddisk is still working very hard, doing …???

Etupe, I thought I installed the new firmware, but in the MyCloud Web interface it still says Firmware version v03.04.01-219.

Failed the firmware upgrade?

Yep. The firmware was not downgraded. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. They do work.

Wait no, the firmware you have is fine, it is the v3 firmware. Do not upgrade to v4. If you have just downgraded, let the NAS redo its scanning, thumbnailing and indexing for a while. Then reevaluate your speed.