Very strange problem

I have a very strange problem, that multiple techs have not been able to answer.  I have two wd 2tb hd’s and an asrock z77 extreme4 mb. The mb is able to recognize both hd’s. WD diagnostics recognizes both hd’s, and both hds pass quick and extended diagnostics. However, Windows cannot see the drive - disk mgmt, nor diskpart. The problem began happening when I had the drives hooked up as a storage spaces mirror - then one just disappeared from Windows. I think the problem MIGHT be that the GPT is messed up, but I cannot get in there to reset or repair it. ideas?

I was actually able to fix the problem - turns out there seems to have been a problem in the GPT. I used WD diags to zero out the drive. The windows disk mgmt immediately recognized it, and allowed me to set the partition. Apparently, this is a protection for drive owners - I guess if you have a drive that might be from some unknown type of system, Windows does not want to guess and possibly mess up your drive. Thus, it properly ignores it.

Hey brucebork,

Glad to hear that you got the problem resolved. What you did was actually going to be my recommendation. Sometimes the partition table can get messed up and a write zeros will wipe the drive clean. Then just initialize it in Windows and partition/format and it should be good to go.