Very strange behavior... how to solve this?

Hey guys.

I have a peculiar problem.

I Just bought a new WD My Passport, it works fine on every single computer i used on, except one.

On every computer, you install, it cannot find the SES driver. Afterwards you go to Device manager, and update the driver with the one in the extras folder on the disk(my passport).

So far, so good.

However, In this particular pc, i connect the external drive, and when it tries to install, instead of looking for a SES driver, it actually tries to install something called My Passport 0748, as you can see in the following image:

And it fails:

Afterwards, the disk does not appear on the system, and in the device manager it shows under “other devices”:

I tried to update the driver pointing to the extras folder that i got from the disk(on another pc of course), and nothing, fails also.

I searched for other people with this problem to no avail.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.



I really need help to overcome this issue…


am i the only person on the planet with this issue!?

I figured that a community of WD would be able to try and help me.

Well try installing the drivers from WD’ web

BTW is the drive seen ?

If it is you can load the drivers directly from the drive 

This is just a user’s site not customer service. What OS works and which one doesn’t? It may be a PC issue since it’s just one unit with problems. Make sure the PC is currently up to date.