Very slow USB to USB transfer speed in my WD TV

I tried copy/moving files from one usb drive to another usb via WD TV.Its takings years to transfer 2GB.

Any solution to make a fast transfer via WD TV

how do you transfer from USB to USB

Transferring files can be done only with the Gen2. Kind of a slap in the face for the Gen1 community because I’m pretty sure they were the ones that suggested it. To transfer files, go to the home screen, then Settings, then File Management. The steps require are: navigate to the file you want, press the right arrow key, then option on the remote, then select move, then go to the directory you want to move the file to and press option again. Hope this helps.

As for transfer speeds, it is only USB so it will take a little bit of time but it shouldn’t take ‘years’. I’m using Corsair 16GB and Corsair 2GB flash drives to move content to a MyBook 1TB drive and it seems to go ok. Maybe I’ll time how long it takes to move 2GB from the larger and slower Corsair drive if you’re interested for comparison.

I did it in same way.I have 500 Gb segate  attached to my WD  & 1Tb segate to my PC.I tried moving files from 1Tb HD to 500GB HDD.Some how it was very slow.Even on the slider which shows progress was  showing hardle any progress.But it was showing moving… message on screen.

Well, I’ll time how long it takes to move exactly 2GB of data from my 16GB Corsair to my 1TB MyBook today and let you know what I come up with. I’d be interested in you doing the same so we can compare hard numbers instead of gut feelings.

2.02GB took roughly 3.5 minutes to transfer.

I did reseting of my WD system & now i am able to transfer about 1.5 Gb in 2 min .

Thanks a lot

After formating my 500gb, transfer rate cane now it is very much less than 1mb, how can i increase my transfer rate- plz do reply