VERY slow transfer speeds over Gigabit ethernet

I just bought a MBL 3TB and a shiny new D-Link DIR-655 Gigabit router to acheive the best transfer speeds possible.  I began offloading data from my harddrive to the MBL (140GB of music files) and the transfer speeds never went over 1.2MBps.  I am using the cables provided by both the MBL and the router, with an older cat5 patch cable going to my desktop PC.  

What am I doing wrong?  I see people complaining on here about 20MBps… I can’t get 2.  

search for webdav

Pardon my not understanding this… but why do I need remote connectivity for accessing via my router at home?  I don’t care about accessing files remotely, really.  I need this as a media server for my home network.  I am totally fine with WD 2 Go’s speeds.  It’s over my hardlines that I’m upset.  I have my desktop plugged into the router, and the MBL plugged into the router.  Why is it so slow over the cat5?  

Hi, check the link below for some recommendations on how to improve the transfer rate.

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