Very slow transfer speed

last 2 weeks i have near 200-400Kb speed from ShareSpace, and near 1Mb when to ShareSpace.

before it i have speed near 10-20Mb. I cant understand what happen. My cabels and router dont damage.

I update firmware to last version, but it dont help me. Look for help!

Well - have you tried turning everything off and back on ?. Also check your network cables.  If you are transfering lots of very small files your transfer speeds will drop to that level (I know it sounds daft) but multiple small files show how slow it can be.

ofc i restart all total, and check all cabels and replace, in small files speed 230-350Kb :(((

Have you changed any thing related to your system. I mean moveing the cable next to the power cable, perhaps? This also could jam signal 

Hi. I have a similar problem: Sharespace 4tb FW:2.02.93. Transfer speed very slow in windows XP - 2-3 mbyte/s. But in Windows 7 is normal, with 100MB switch 11 mbyte/s. Turning off firewall and antivirus no improvement. Please can you help me?

Helpful community. Thank you for nothing. I go and buy a synology nas.

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I’m having the same issue. Prior to this week I was getting 4-7 MB/s speeds and as of yesterday I’m getting <100KB as the SS started archiving a new drive in the que. Standard drag and drop file transfers aren’t usually a problem. The problem I’ having is primarily with archiving other network drives. I’m no IT guru but I’ve tried everything I know short of updating the firmware to 2.3.01 (from 2.2.91) as all posts indicate that 2.3.01 is a hot mess.

Every media service has been turned off, I’ve rebooted everything on the network, replaced cables and I’m still getting “too many failed transfers” every few minutes in the WD anywhere backup window. Before I discount this as a really bad joke from WD (or on me, should have done my homework, this is what I get for supporting american products), I’m hoping to get some help from this forum. would anyone recommend upgrading to the latest firmware? I’m primarily using this appliance as backup and central storage for a small graphics business network. 

Any help/guidance is much appreciated. In the meantime here are some funny pics for your amusement. 

Slow speed is bad–,i,&sn=WCAVY5587570

another case of WDC not being a community. I’m seriously considering informing the world that i’m no longer an advocate for WD.

Try installing TeraCopy.

Its helped me get better overall speed transferring large files ( anything over 100mb, up to 100’s of gigabytes ).

Its better than the default file copying stuff windows 7 ( or earlier ) uses.

Fastcopy is another one. Google them. They work great!