Very slow to display poster art on current firmware

just wondering if anyone can tell me why it takes so long to display poster art and metadata on the current firmware. Up until recently i have been running 2.07.17 without a hitch but there are a few features in the current firmware that are really nice so i decided to update. The only problem is it takes a while to display each new page of movies and it doesnt seem to cache anything except maybe 2-3 pages at a time.

  I do have all my movies stored on a nas so im not sure if that has anything to do with it but when i revert back to 2.07.17 it is perfect again and i can scroll through pages almost instantly as oppossed to waiting maybe 10 seconds for each page to load, and when there is a few thousand video’s waiting 10 seconds for each page adds up. not sure if it matters but my folder structure is setup in genre’s with each folder having maybe a few hundred movies in it, each movie is not in its own folder as some folks have it. It also doesnt matter what theme i am running either.

 If anyone has any suggestions it would be really helpfull as i would like to update but at the moment the bad outweighs the good with the latest firmware


Try pressing the reset button, you can also try to disable the Media Library and then turn it back on.