Very slow Network Speeds (File Transfer)

As the title says, i have a very slow netwokr speeds.

On a related topic sometimes when i plug my hub into the wired network it wont be able to detect. iI will have to unplug netwokr and replug a couple time for it to finally read it. unsure if thats related to the problem.

So in summary when acessesing from netwokr the speed in really slow, about .8 MB/s. it is a constant speed wihtout any interruptions, just slow. Any suggestions, and methods to fix it?

see this post

was woriking on this issue yesterday, turn out my router was creating a bottleneck scenario.


**bleep** it. A 1g nic in the product feature list was a ( very ) major selling point in my priority list when I made the purchase. I didn’t read anywhere in the product description about it being a gimmick or flat-out lie. It’s the same concept as buying a supposed super car and then finding out it’s got a 4-banger under the hood. That’s false advertising. Pretty sure that’s still a crime in some countries…

The official specs from here:

" Gigabit Ethernet , USB 2.0, HDMI, Composite A/V, Component video, Optical audio"

were used during my decision. Soooo … ?

Noone (except novice or just stupid) should expect an actual 1000mbps rate due to many variables in the equation, unless you’ve spent many thousands system wide. However, 50MB/s +/- is a normal reality in a true 1G LAN with good equipment (including drives). I get 60MB/s+ consistently to my NAS from my main rig and that’s with the drives in slowest redundancy XR2 mode.