VERY slow network speed!

Hi all,

I got a WD share space 2TB.

Igot connected to a GBit Switch, my other equipment (PC, Laptop) is also connected. Copy’n’Paste to WD brings not more than 10MB/s average. Copy’n’Paste between my Laptop and PC is around 100MB/s (GB speed).

I tried restart the WD, reset to factory default. Installing latest firmware… Nothing. Because there is no possibility to set network speed manually I could not test other network settings. My WD reports 1GB/s connection, but this is ridiculous!

Is there any help ?

Next …

I saw, that my WD ShareSPace now could do a firmware update to 2.2.9…

After reboot and confirmed firmaware 2.2.9, the network speed is now only up to 5 MBit/s…

I am going crazy!

You’re not alone.  I just installed 2.2.9, which fixed a problem I was having, but also slowed it to a crawl.  I’d be very interested in a fix for this.

Anyone an idea how to speed up the network??

Or are we two the only ones with this problem?

i gave my computer and WDShareSpace both static ip’s and ran the cable directly between them. no change in the speed.

That is, what i also recognized.

No matter if dynamic or static ip, no matter which connection.

I think there is a terrible bug in the firmware.

Same problem…

Before the update I was watching movies with no slowdowns what so ever but now it keeps freezing/skipping on me when watching movies. I got two of these sharespace and its pissing me off  since I bought it. WD should stick to making harddrives only.

In the meantime i send a request to European Technical Support.

Let´s see what they answer.

It seems that a lot of people got this problem !

I upgraded to the 2.2.9 firmware a few days ago and it seems that the network speed has slowed on my Sharespace as well. From the last few days of use it seems that transfers using Windows Explorer will only go up to 6 MB/s. I’m sure that before the firmware upgrade I was getting double that.

WD where are you? that we should do? speed terrible !!! for what we pay money??

Yes, you are right. My question to WD Suppoert Europe only got as answer a question what firmware i got and what kind of network. No more answers till now…

Because a lot of people are facing this problem the support is ridicioulus!!!

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W t f. Only 10 people noticed the problem? OR 10 people bought this device? axaxaxax. I’m pissed with WD. I want my money back unfortunately i cant get them in EU.

WD where are you? that we should do? speed terrible !!! for what we pay money??

WD where are you? that we should do? speed terrible !!! for what we pay money??

WD where are you? that we should do? speed terrible !!! for what we pay money??

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is it still slow?

No…it majically fixed itself…Got to love the support on the ShareSpace…Sell a pile of ■■■■ to people and hope it fixes itself…maybe if WD just waits to tomorrow it will fix itself then.

Now i got the second mail from Support about my (our) problem. An other guy just asking same questions (What network, what else on the network… blah blah…)

My answer was friendly. For the last time!

I will keep you updated…

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good luck!


btw: nothing new till Friday, 3.30 pm…:angry:

No new message from WD support…

Maybe one from WD is reading this thread.

What the hell is going on !!! [deleted]


A really angry user!!!

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This is an issue where I would advise that you contact our phone support, you will be able to troubleshoot this issue over the phone better than through our email support due to the nature of the problem.  Our list of toll free numbers is here: